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Saturday, August 4th (Evening Start)
Ajinomoto Stadium, Choufu  Tokyo

Set a goal and challenge it at the 5000M Time Trial Event!

The ALTRA TIME TRIAL SERIES is a series throughout Japan where regional runners get together on a track and race 5000m with a selected pacer. This time we even have Beijing Olympic Runner Kensuke Takezawa coming to run as a pacer!

Whether you are a long-distance runner or have only just started jogging, the ALTRA TIME TRIAL SERIES can be your periodic measurement of your (endurance level) and (goal setting) ability.

We post the various nationwide runner’s results so please make use out of being able to check your own time and set goals!Times will be chip recorded including each lap split.

With ALTRA JAPAN hosting this race, they bring a bunch of their demo-shoes for runners to try while running.ALTRA Staff will also be there assisting and providing information about the shoes.Now is your chance to try out ALTRA JAPAN’s new selection of road shoes!Here is schedule for the Time Trial:3:45PM-4:15PM       EVENT TIME

4:20PM Start              Set Pace 25 Minutes-30 Minutes

5:00PM Start               Set Pace 22 Minutes-25 Minutes

5:30PM Start              Set Pace 22 Minutes-25 Minutes

6:00PM-6:30PM       EVENT TIME

6:30PM Start              Set Pace 20 Minutes-22 Minutes

7:00PM Start              Set Pace 20 Minutes-22 Minutes

7:30PM Start              Set Pace 18 Minutes-20 Minutes

7:55PM Start              Set Pace 15 Minutes-18 Minutes

Water will be provided on the course!After the race, enjoy a complimentary cool-down stretch lead by previous Panasonic runner (now personal trainer) Yuko Yada.
Locker rooms are available with free access to showers after your race.

Here is a link to the Japanese website:

and for registration:
ALTRA 5km Time Trial Series-TOKYO

Ajinomoto Stadium West Field
Closest station is the TOBITAKYU Station on the KEIO Line.
Please enter the Stadium on the WEST Side.

If you have any questions regarding the event or how to register, please contact:

We are looking forward to running together!


This year’s ULTRA TRAIL MOUNT FUJI/ SHIZUOKA TO YAMANASHI (UTMF/STY) are happening in APRIL again this year after being changed from SEPTEMBER last year.

This year’s JAPANESE ALTRA runners include:YUKO YADA– (Tokyo, Japan)
TREAT- Personal Trainer/Massage Therapist (Previous Panasonic Runner)
This is her second attempt at UTMF. The first time she ran the event last year it was shortened to 50KM and she finished 2nd place.
Shoe running in: ALTRA-LONE PEAK 3.5

YUKARI HOSHINO (Tochigi, Japan)
Goal: Optimistic guess-26 hours
This is YUKARI’S 4th attempt at UTMF.
Shoe running in: ALTRA-TIMP

MAME ENDOU (Kanegawa, Japan)
This is MAME’S 3rd go at UTMF. Let’s see if she wears a Mickey Mouse Suit this year…
Shoe running in:  ALTRA-TIMP

These are our 3 athletes running the race this year. If you see them, say “Hello” and wish them good luck! Good luck to all of you as well!

ALTRA will be selling LONE PEAK 3.5 shoes at the SAKAIYA SPORTS booth Thursday/Friday!

See you this weekend!